Upcoming and Recent Events

  • Penn State Design Exchange

    April 27, 2012

    A design / think workshop. Join other alumni, faculty, and student designers from a number of disciplines in this exchange of ideas on design culture and practice. Invited Distinguished Designers will motivate discussion and lead design charrettes from their own unique perspective. This will be a great opportunity to engage with design in a new way.

  • Penn State Interdisciplinary Design Summit II

    February 24, 2012

    The Summit, organized by Renee Kredell of Theater, brought together faculty across Penn State colleges and campuses to explore, initiate, and strengthen relationships in undergraduate education using technology.

Featured Bricoleur: Russell Barton

How did I come up with a design? When I opened the box, I found a neatly packaged LEGO racer (ages 6-10 by the way). It provided the theme of a race track — I immediately saw it as a perfect giant monument/motif at the track. Of course to use it for that I could not open it. That also seemed like an interesting feature — almost like a closed sarcophagus — the viewer knows that it contains interesting related content.


Recent News

Iron Lion Design Challenge 2010

In the third annual Iron Lion Design Challenge, students from 4 universities collaborated on 5 design projects in the weeklong event. Projects included a ridable hovercraft, self-propelled walker, and a next-generation audio experience. Visit the Iron Lion 2010 page on the OPEN Design Lab website for more details, or visit the Outreach page here for more general information about the event.

Interdisciplinary Design as an Instructional Discipline

The NSF-sponsored Workshop Series, "Interdisciplinary Design as an Instructional Discipline", has concluded. A complete listing of workshop venues may be found under the "Workshop Series" link. Additional content, including attendees, presentation slides, discussions, and videos are available for some workshops.